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Chedi Sri Suriyothai (13/8/2001)

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Chedi Sisuriyothai

Phra Chedi Sri Suriyothai (พระเจดีย์ ศรีสุริโยทัย)

Phra Chedi Sisuriyothai is the memorial to Somdet Phra Sisuriyothai,
the Thai heroine in the Ayutthaya period. She was the queen of
Somdet Phra Mahajakrapat, the king of Ayutthaya which reigned
when he was 36.

After King Somdet Phra Mahajakrapat reigned in 1548 A.D. for 7
months, Phra Chao Tabengchaveti, the King of Burma, moved his
troops to beat Ayutthaya to revenge for the former unsuccessful
beat of Chiengkran town in the reign of King Chairajathirat.

In the first battle, King Somdet Phra Mahajakrapat would lead his
troops with his two sons, Prince Phra Ramesuan and Prince Phra
Mahintrathirat on elephants, but queen Somdet Phra Sisuriyothai
was concerned for her husband then she disguised herself as a
man in a fighting form and accompanied with them.

When the Ayutthaya's troops met the front Burmese troops, which
was led by Phra Chao Phrae, King Somdet Phra Mahajakrapat rode
his elephant to fight against Phra Chao Phrae, but his elephant was
in collapse so Phra Chao Phrae raised his scythe to cut King
Somdet Phra Mahajakrapat, queen Somdet Phra Sisuriyothai nearby
had seen the event, she decided to save her husband by riding her
elephant to intervene the fighting. She was killed by the scythe of
Phra Chao Phrae on her elephant back. Then their two sons helped
them and moved the corpse back.

With her devotion, King Somdet Phra Mahajakrapat constructed a
chedi, called Phra Chedi Sisuriyothai at Wat Suanluang Sobswan,
Hualaem District.

(Information from the Department of Fine Arts)            
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