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Inside Bangkok

Siam Square Area                                     

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Map of Siam Square and Nearby Areas.

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The main road divides Siam Square into two-half
and on the far left is Novotel Hotel.

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The Center Point of Siam Square.

(Bangkoksite digital pictures shot by Nikon D100 on May 29, 2004)

Siam Square        
Siam Square has been one of the most popular
shopping area for a long time. There are so many
shops, restaurants, theatres in the area. Two large
shopping centers opposite to Siam Square are
Ma Boon Krong and Siam Center. The Sky Train
station is conveniently located just right at Siam
Click to see BTS Route.

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Shops, fast food, banks, etc are available.  
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The walkway bridge on the left connects
Siam Square to the MBK (Ma Boon Krong
Shopping Center), ISETAN, and Pathumwan
Princess Hotel. Click to see large picture.

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