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                          The Phuping Palace

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    (Bangkoksite Digital Photos taken on Sept. 16, 2001).

Phuping Palace
This Palace was built in 1962 and the compound is normally
open to public when the King and/or the Queen are not there.
It is located on the mountain, about 14-15 kms from Chiangmai
city. Visitors can take a trip to Doi Suthep, where there is a
beautiful temple on the top of the mountain with a very long
staircases, and then visit Phuping Palace and Doi Pui.

Phuping Palace is a beautiful place full of flowers, a lot
of trees and places to walk.

Visitors can take pictures of the Palace from the outside
and during December to January a lot of beautiful roses
can be seen. In the area one can buy local handmade
products, souvenirs at quite a reasonable price.
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