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        Wat Chedi Ched Yod
           (Wat Photharam Maha Vihan)
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  (Bangkoksite Photos taken on December 7, 2000
  and September 16, 201).

Wat Photharam Maha Vihan is one of the most important
sanctuaries in Thailand. It is popularly known as Wat Chedi
Ched Yod (The Monastery With Seven Pagodas). In 1465
a temple was built on the present site of this manastery by
the command of King Tilokaraj, the 11th monach of Lanna.
King Tilokaraj also had a seeding of the sacred Maha Bodhi
tree (a pipal tree) planted in the compound of the temple.

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The main building with seven pagodas was built in the 14th
or 15th centuries A.D. It is a replica of the Maha Bodhi
temple at  Bodhi Gaya in Bihar, India.

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