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  (Bangkoksite Photos taken on December 7, 2000
  and Digital Photos taken on Sept. 16, 2001).

Wat Chiang Mun
Ubosot and Stone Inscription
The ubosot was built in the time of the Mang Rai dynasty
and it was well maintained, and Phaya Saen Luang had it
restored in 1571 and in 1805. During King Kawila period
a new building was erected.

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The Sacred Elephant    Encircled Stupa

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     The Buddha Image

On the front porch of the ubosot stands the so-called
Wat Chiang Mun stone inscription. It was written in 1581
in Fak Kham letters and Thai Yuan dialect and contains
a piece of important information,viz. the exact date of
the founding of Chiang Mai in 1296 (704 years ago) by
King Mang Rai and his friends. It also says that during
the foundation of Chiang Mai the king stayed in this area
which later was transformed into present Wat Chiang Mun.
The monastery has always been kept in good repair.


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