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  Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
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     Steps to go up to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

 Maesa Elephant Camp
Krisda Doi Resort
 Maesa Valley Resort
 Thai classical dance show at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

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   Thai Classical Dance

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city with a long history and very
old traditions. It is famous for the beauty, culture, natural
sceneries, and gentle nature of its people. Now considered
the cultural center of the North, and it is the second largest
metropolis in the country, next to Bangkok.

Chiang Mai Overview Video :

Attraction.jpg (6411 bytes) Totalling 129 pictures.
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Chiangmai Airport (5)
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Mae Ping River
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Hilltribe Village
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Bo Srang
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) San Kamphaeng
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes)
Maesa Valley Resort  (16)updatgreen.gif (772 bytes)    
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Maesa Elephant Camp
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Phuping Palace  (15)
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Doi Inthanon
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Phra Mahathat (6)
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Vachiratharn Falls
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon    (14)updatgreen.gif (772 bytes)
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Night Bazaar (9)
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wood Carving Museum (16)   
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden (15)updatgreen.gif (772 bytes)   
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wat Chedi Luang (5)    
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wat Phra Singh (3)
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wat Chiang Mun (5)
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wat Chedi Ched Yod (4)
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wat Ou Sai Kham
     The largest Buddha Image
     made of Myanmar Jadeite
     Jade in Thailand.

icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Krisdadoi Resort  (7)
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Orchid Farm
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes)
Chiangmai Zoo (4)
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wat Suan Dok
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Hang Dong - Tawai Village

See pictures and VDO summary
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Videos 2009 :
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) San Kamphaeng Hot Springs
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Thai Classical Dancing at
Night Bazaar

ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Chiang Mai Overview 1 (VDO520)
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Krisdadoi Resort (VDO520)
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Night Bazaar (VDO520)
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Doi Inthanon - The Stupas
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Doi Inthanon Summit
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Vachiratharn Waterfall (VDO520)
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Maeo Hilltribe Market
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Maesa Elephant Camp 1
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Maesa Elephant Camp 2
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Maesa Elephant Camp 3
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Orchid Farm (VDO520)
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Monkey School
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Riverside Restaurant
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Wat Sri Suphan

Videos 2011 :
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Pongyang Angdoi (VDO520)new123a.gif (1369 bytes)
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Mae Sa Valley Resort
new123a.gif (1369 bytes)
ArrowBlue.jpg (669 bytes) Sai Nam Phung Orchid Farm
     (VDO520)new123a.gif (1369 bytes)

How to Get There :
1) By Car. The distance from
Bangkok to Chiang Mai is approx.
695 kms. Travelling by car will pass
through many provinces
and  visitors can enjoy rural Thailand.

2) By Bus. Take the air or non
air-conditioned bus from Moh Chit
bus terminal, Kamphaeng Phet
Rd.,Tel. (02) 537-8055-6.
3) By Railway. No direct trains to
Sukhothai. One may travel by
train to Phitsanulok and then take
a local bus to Sukhothai,
a distance of 60 kms. For further
information call (02) 223-7010,
or (02) 223-7020. Click here for
Railway Schedule.
4) By Air. Thai Airways operate
several flights daily to Chiang Mai.
Please contact (02) 280-060-80.

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Map of Chiang Mai
Restaurants (75)

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