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                       By Somkiet Phaloprakarn
                    E-mail : somkiet@cscoms.com     
     Technology of digital camera has been rapidly improved and digital photography is becoming very popular.
It is very convenient and suitable for use in web sites, sending e-mails, and for business or pleasure.

The followings are pictures that I took, using digital cameras, and started from August 2001.
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Bangkoksite.com Digital Picture Gallery is intended to show how digital pictures are good enough and can be used
very effectively for web sites as well as for color prints. As I am a serious amateur, started with Sony CD300, Sony
F707 and now Nikon D100 (all three cameras are still used), the techniques in photo taking are usually included in
the description of recent photos. Most of the pictures are shot as a tourist who travels to many places in Thailand
and this will supplement the travel information in Bangkoksite.com.

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Click at the picture to see large picture of 630 pixels width (file size 90-110 kBytes).

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