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      Bangsai Arts and Crafts Centre
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Typical house style of the Central
House style of the North
House style of the Northeast

An interesting visit to the Bangsai Arts and Crafts Village
is to see a beautifully designed landscape with a group of
25 Thai style wooden houses. These houses are based on
different architectures of the Central, North, Northeast, and
the South. For each house style you can see lifestyle, the
exhibit of Thai living, old style furniture, antiques, and how
they make handicraft products.

                             House style of the South

Cultural Shows

The Bangsai Arts and Crafts Village also organizes the
cultural shows for visitors daily such as long drum
(klong Yao) dance and long drum procession, children
at play and folk games, swords fighting, etc. 

(Bangkoksite Photos taken on March 4, 2000)

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