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RoseGarden1.jpg (22569 bytes) The Rose Garden is situated on Phetkasem Road, about 32 kms
from Bangkok. This garden has an area of about 60 acres and
consists of beautiful lawns, small lake, gardens, orchards, first-class
hotel with swimming pool, restaurants, children's playground, Thai
and Chinese-style buildings, famous Thai Village Cultural show e.g.
Thai folk dancing, Thai boxing, cock fighting, and sword fighting
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(Photos taken on January 17, 1999)

RoseGarden3.jpg (28018 bytes)Chinese-style building
and a small lake.

                      Scenery of roses
                      and the Nakhon
                      Chaisri River

Phra Pathom Chedi | Sanam Chand Palace | Wat Phra Patone Chedi | Phutta Monthon | Rose Garden

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