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 (Bangkoksite Digital Photos shot on Sept. 8,2005)    

Resort in Kanchanaburi Province
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The only little island in the Mae Klong River, Kasem Island
Resort is one of several resorts in Kanchanaburi which is
conveniently accessable. There are choices of fan or air-
conditioned rooms and Thai style bamboo house-boats
with thatched roof, all with private balcony overlooking the
cool tranquil River Kwai.

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Our Team re-visited Kanchanaburi on September 8-9, 2005
on the business of local products information. However,
we took an opportunity in the evening to visit Kasem Island
Resort and had dinner arranged by the owner. To our surprise
this resort is actually so close to the city and many foreign
visitors stay there. It has sufficient facilities for an enjoyable stay.

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