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  The Mining Process. 
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    Selection of the most valuable stones.   

   (Bangkoksite Digital Photos taken on June 22, 2002)    

The S.A.P. Sapphire Mine
This mine is located at Bo Ploy District, about 30 kms
from Kanchanaburi city. It has been in operation for
almost 20 years. The very large area where the excavation
for mining was completed is now converted into beautiful
landscape for lake, club house, accommodation, and
a 19-hole golf course which will be a wonderful resort.

Another part of the large land is still very active with
the excavation and mining for blue sapphire, black
sapphire, and some others.      
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For more information please contact :
Khun Lakana Srathongrod (picture on the left)
85 Moo 13, Tambon Chongdan, Bo Ploy District,
Kanchanaburi 71160
Tel. 034 581-227 to 30,  01 941-4288
Fax. 034 941-4288

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