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Kwai Yai River downstream from
     Srinagarind Dam

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Srinagarind Reservoir

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(Photos taken on February 28, 1999)

Srinagarind Dam - The Largest Hydroelectric Project in Thailand.

Srinagarind Dam is the biggest multi-purpose hydroelectric project in the
western part of Thailand. The dam is earth-rockfilled type, 140 m. high, and
610 m. long. The reservoir area is 419 sq.km and the water storage capacity
is 17,745 cubic meters. The power plant accommodates 5 generating units
with a total capacity of 720 megawatts.The construction was completed in 1980.

Just few kilometers from the dam visitors can enjoy the
Erawan Water Falls.
The area from the damsite down to Kanchanaburi has been developed with
many beautiful resort hotels.

The distance from Kanchanaburi city to Srinagarind Dam is 64 kilometers
(40 miles). From Kanchanaburi, highway No.3199 leads to Lat Ya and

Tha Thung Na Dam, and to Srinagarind Dam. the highway is smooth and
along the way there are at least 10 resorts which are on the bank of Kwai
Yai River.



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