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The Three Padodas Pass
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The Three Pagodas Pass
(Dan Chedi Sam Ong)

Formerly called "Hin Sam Kong" (Three Heaps of Stones).
Three Pagodas Pass is a pass on the border between
Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). It is located at about
22 kms north of Sangkhlaburi town.

In the ancient times, the pass has been the main land
route into western part of Thailand. It is believed be the
passage that Buddhist teachings reached Thailand from
India in the 3rd century. According to Thai history during
the Ayutthaya period (14th - 18th centuries), the pass was
the main route for the Burmese invasion into Thailand, but
was also occasionally used towards Burma by Thai armies.
The three small pagodas or chedis were probably built at
the end of the period as a symbol for peace.

Nowadays, it has become a site of vital border market.
Tourist attractions on the Burmese side include the locally
made wooden furniture, jade carvings, and textiles.
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The border between Thailand and Myanmar.

During World War II, Japanese with large amount of
prisoners of war built the
Death Railway from Kanchanaburi
linking with another railway portion from Burma passing through this pass. There is a sculpture map of the railway showing the the railway joined on October 16, 1943 (see enlarged map at location 5).

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Sculpture map of Burma - Thailand Railway
built during World War II.
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