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Aerial photo of Vajiralongkorn Dam

On the top of the Dam

The reservoir

EGAT travel boat

Vajiralongkorn Dam (Formerly Khao Laem Dam)
This is a key project of Mae Klong River Basin Development
Scheme. The construction started in 1979 and finished in
1984. It is located on the Kwai Noi River at Thong Pha Phum
District, about 280 kms from Bangkok (
see map).

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View of the reservoir from
the top of the Dam. The
water inflow is averaged
at about 5,500 million
cubic meters per year.
The reservoir storage
capacity at the maximum
water level is 8,860
million cubic meters.

A powerhouse with three
100,000 kilowatts capacity
were installed. The power
is transmitted to the grid
by 230 kV transmission

Mountain view at the
tail water side of the Dam.

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