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            Wat Phra That Lampang Luang
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               Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao
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               Lampang Horse Carriage

  (Bangkoksite Photos taken on Nov. 17-19, 2000)

Lampang or Khelang Nakhon in the history is located in the north,
about 599 kms (372 miles) from Bangkok, accessible by Highway
No.1, and 92 kms from Chiangmai. Visitors going to Lampang to see
famous temples built in Burmese and Lanna Thai style architectures
such as Wat Phra That Lampang Luang, Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao,
Wat Chedi Sao. Also, riding on a horse carriage is a must because
it is the symbolic of Lampang city. At Hang Chat district, about 38
kms from Lampang city, located Thai Elephant Conservation Centre
which is the first and only school in Thailand and the first in the world.
Lampang is famous for ceramic industries, Sa paper, wood carving,
Thai fabrics and other handicraft products.

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icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wat Phra That Lampang Luang (7)
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wat Chedi Sao
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wat Pong Yang Kok
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Lampang Horse Carriage
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Ban Sao Nak
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Hand Made Products & Souvenirs

Map of Lampang


How to Get There :
1) By Car. Travelling by car will take about 7 hours.
2) By Bus. Regular buses leave the  Morchit Bus Terminal daily.
3) By Railway. Six daily trains leave Bangkok for Lampang and
Chiang Mai. For more information, please contact Tel.(02) 223-7010,
or Lampang Railway Station Tel.(054) 217-024.
4) By Air. Thai Airways International Ltd., operates one or more
flights daily to Lampang from Bangkok. For flight schedule and
reservation please visit : http://www.thaiair.com .

Tourist Center at Lampang City :  Tel.(054) 218-823

Van Rental : Click Here


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