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Wat Phra That Hariphunchai
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Lamphun has the legendary dated back by about 1,400 years.
This ancient town was formerly called Hariphunchai.The first ruler
was Queen Chamthewi who was of Mon extraction. In late 12th
century, King Mengrai overran the town and later on integrated it
into the Lanna Kingdom.

Lamphun city is only 26 kms from Chiang Mai and should be a
part of the travel program. It has ancient temples and Thai culture
as well as several handmade items such as silk and cotton fabrics,
native clothes, wood carving, etc. Lamphun is the most famous
producer of longans.

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icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wat Phrathat Hariphunchai
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wat Chamthewi
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wat Phra Yun
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Pasang OTOP Village
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) OTOP Products
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How to Get There :
1) By Car. The distance from Bangkok to Lamphun is approx.
670 kms. Travelling by car will pass through many provinces
and  visitors can enjoy rural Thailand.

2) By Bus. Take the air or non air-conditioned bus from Moh Chit 2
bus terminal, Kamphaeng Phet Rd.,Tel. (02) 936 0852 - 66.

4) By Air. Visitors can fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and
then travel to Lamphun by bus or by hired car. Travelling time
from Chiang Mai to Lamphun is around 40 minutes.

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. Map of Lamphun

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