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            Access to the Long-Neck Karen Village.
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          This young long-neck Karen sells handmade
             items such as dolls, cloth, postcards, etc.

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(Bangkoksite Photos taken on July 19, 2001)

The Long Neck Karen (หมู่บ้านกะเหรี่ยงคอยาว)
There are approximately 300,000 Karen in Thailand,

making them by far the most populous minority group
here. The Karen inhabit many areas of western and
northern Thailand, and can be divided into several
sub-groups, the most numerous in Thailand being the
Sgaw Karen (the largest sub-group), and the Pwo
Karen. The Padaung, the famous "long-neck" people
whose women traditionary wear many tight bronz
rings around their necks, are another of the many
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The Karen typically live at low altitudes and many
have now integrated into main stream Thai culture.
They are famous for producing the best mahouts,
or elephant handlers, in the region, and are known
to be an exceptionally warm, friendly, and gentle

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         Long-neck Karen girls (postcard photo)

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