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  Solar Energy for Mae Hong Son      
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            Solar Cells for Electricity Generation
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          Control Room and Inverter Equipment
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        Electricity is Stored in Batteries Before
               Inverting into Alternating Current.       

  (Bangkoksite Digital Photos taken on Feb. 18, 2004)

Mae Hong Son Solar Energy Station
Mae Hong Son is a small city in the valleys and it is

quite technically difficult and probably uneconomic to
build high voltage transmission line from the nearest grid.
Power supplies for Mae Hong Son are from some small
hydroelectric dams, diesel generation and recently from
a new solar energy station, built by the Electricity Generating
Authority of Thailand (EGAT).

This is the first solar enenrgy station for Mae Hong Son
and more stations are being built to ensure sufficient
power for the growing number of tourists, and for clean

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  Quite a Large Area is Required
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                        Old Diesel Power Station


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