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                Mae Hong Son Valley*Resort1L.jpg (23081 bytes)
                   A Beautiful Resort*
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              Poi Sang Long Ceremony*
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                               Mexican sunflowers in full bloom.

Mae Hong Son is a land of three seasons, with gentle mists,
and is surrounded by high mountains, which maintain a cool

climate all year round. This area has a strong Burmese
influence that can be seen in the designs of the many
traditional temples and historical sites.

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The Mae Hong Son
Valley, photo taken
on July 19, 2001.

The tourist impressions on Mae Hong Son are largely
based on the natural beauty, mainly high mountains in
cascade and one after another, just like in Europe; and
together with the local people, the hill tribes, and good
climate. Mae Hong Son is a place to spend a few days
vacation and it is an exciting visit if you are coming for
the first time.

Many good hotels and resorts are available.

*Photos with courtesy of Rooks Holiday Hotel & Resort, Bangkok Office. Tel. (662)277-5256, 277-6110, 277-6150

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