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                                                      Wat Chong Kham (วัดจองคำ) is located on the bank of the swamp
                                                       Nong Chong Kham and was built in 1827 by Thai Yai artisans.
                                                                            The pillars are gilded with gold flakes.

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Luang Poh To (หลวงพ่อโต)
The temple houses a large Buddha statue
with a lap width of 4.85 metres cast by
Burmese craftmen. The principal statue
is another statue which is a replica of the
statue in Wat Suthat in Bangkok.

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Wat Chong Klang (วัดจองกลาง)
Next to Wat Chong Kham is Wat Chong Klang
where a replica of the Phra Buddha Sihing is installed
on an altar.
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             The Wood Sculpture Museum

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