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Phra Pathom Chedi
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Sanam Chan Palace
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Phutta Monthon

(Bangkoksite Photos taken on March 4, 2000)

The major landmark of Nakhon Pathom city is the Phra
Pathom Chedi, the world's tallest Buddhist monument.
The orange-tiled chedi dates back from the mid-1850s.
It encases an earlier chedi, and attracts Buddhist pilgrims
from all over the world.

Nakhon Pathom city is about 56 kilometers from Bangkok.
This province has many attractions for tourists. It is also
famous for various kinds of fruits.

Attractions :
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Sanam Chan Palace
Wat Phra Patone Chedi
Phutta Monthon
Rose Garden

Crocodile & Elephant Shows

Wat Don Wai Floating Marketnew04.gif (1556 bytes)
(Posted on Sept. 9, 2006)

Cultural Arts Center and Others

How To Get There
1) By Car : Choose Bangkhae - Phetkasem route or Phra
Pinklao - Nakhon Chaisri route, which will take about 40 min.
to reach Nakhon Pathom.
2) By Rail : Train regularly leave Bangkok's Hua Lampong
station (Check at Tel. 223-7110, 223-7020) and Bangkok Noi
station (Tel. 411-3102) for Nakhom Pathom. This is the
Southern route.
3) By Bus. Buses regularly leave Bangkok's Southern Bus
Terminal for Nakhon Pathom. Check at tel. 434-5558.

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    Fruit and souvenir shops near Phra Pathom Chedi.

Phra Pathom Chedi | Sanam Chan Palace | Wat Phra Patone Chedi | Phutta Monthon | Rose Garden

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