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  (Bangkoksite Photos taken on February 11, 2001)

Nan is a quiet and tranquil province in northern Thailand. Nan city
is located at about 668 kms (415 miles) from Bangkok. Nan has
a history of about 800 years, and deeply involved with its neighbors,
Lanchang, Lanna, and in particular Sukhothai which played an important role in both political and religious terms. For tourists Nan has many
interesting places to see, for example, ancient temples, museum,
Thai Lue and other hilltribes, famous Lai Nam Lai hand-woven silk
from many villages, etc.

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icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wat Phrathat Chae Haeng (4)
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wat Phumin
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Wat Chang Kham Wora Wihan
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Nan National Museum 
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icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Thung Chang Monument
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Resorts (Nan Valley & Juthamas)
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Nan Airport
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Hand Woven Silk
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Other Interesting Places
Map of Nan
Hotels & Resorts

How to Get There :
1) By Car. Take the highway from Bangkok to Nakhon Sawan,
Phitsanulok, Uttaradit, Denchai - Phrae, and to Nan. A total
distance of about 668 kms.
2) By Bus. Air-conditioned and non-aircond. busses leave
the Northern Bus Terminal on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd.
(Tel : 537-8055, 939-2852)
3) By Rail.  There is no direct train to Nan. However, travellers
and take a train from Bangkok Railway Station to Denchai in
Phrae Province. Then take a local bus to Nan (146 kms).
For the train time table, please contact Bangkok Railway
Station at Tel. 223-7010, 223-7020.
4) By Air. For flight schedule and reservation please visit : http://www.thaiair.com .

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