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The collections of the National Museum, Bangkok
are national cultural heritage with the emphasis on
art, archeological and cultural objects which are
dated from as early as prehistory up to present
day. Three main galleries are :

The Gallery of Thai History located at Sivamokkha-
phiman hall with the prehistoric gallery at the rear
part of the building.

History of Art and Archeological Collections are
presented in two buildings : Dvaravati, Srivijaya
and Lopburi in south wing ; and Lanna, Sukhothai,
Ayutthaya and Rattanakosin are in the north wing.

For the galleries in the old palace buildings, variety
of minor arts and ethnological collections are
exhibited such as gold treasure, enamel wares,
mother-of-pearl inlay, musical instruments, wood
carving, entertainment articles, textiles, ceramics,
royal regalia, palanquins, old weapons, and stone
inscriptions, etc. Royal Cremation ceremonial
exhibits and chariots are housed in the cremation
chariot hall.
The National Museum, Bangkok also has a monumental value in itself as a Palace to the
Front. Many buildings are displayed in original
purpose such as Buddhaisawan Chapel where
the Buddha Sihing was enshrined. European
and Chinese furnitures are shown in Issaretra-
chanusorn, or King Pin Klao resident. Tamnak
Daeng or the Red House, Sala Samarn -
Mukhamat, and other pavillions are examples
of Thai architecture.

                       Map of National Museum

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