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The Buddhaisawan Chapel. The step and red
poles on the lawn in front of the chapel are
howdah mount, used by royalty to mount

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Phra Buddha Sihing image and very old
beautiful paintings inside.

Buddhaisawan Chapel (з觾ط)
The Buddhaisawan Chapel was built in 1795 as the
private chapel for the Prince residing in the Palace.
It houses the 15th century Phra Buddha Sihing image,
the second most highly revered Buddha image in

The paintings inside the chapel are the oldest murals
in Bangkok. The panels between the windows depict
scenes from the life of the Buddha.The murals are
painted in the classic style, in two dimensions in
tempera coloured with mineral and earth pigments.

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Rejecting extreme asceticism,
Gautama, having eaten to restore
himmself, casts his food bowl in
the waters of a river, at the bottom
of which is depicted the palace of
the Sacred Serpent or Naga King,
guardian of rivers.
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Surrounded by grieving disciples,
the dying Lord Buddha attains
Parinirvana, release from the cycle
of rebirths. A red robed monk
appears between the curtains to
comfort a follower.

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