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Nikon D200 SLR is an excellent SLR digital camera launched in mid December 2005. After using Nikon D100 for about
3 years I have just bought this new camera on December 19, 2005 from Sunny Camera in Bangkok. It was in time for
field tests at the 3rd OTOP City Fair. All of the first seven pictures shown here were selected from several shots made
during 2-4 days after I had this camera. There are a lot more to be studied and I am sure that future pictures will be
even more beautiful.

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Nikon D200 Sample Pictures

D200Picture11S.jpg (4442 bytes) D200Picture12S.jpg (4019 bytes) D200Picture14S.jpg (3818 bytes)
D200Picture15S.jpg (4581 bytes) D200_0594S.jpg (5177 bytes) D200_0600S.jpg (4277 bytes)
D200_0612S.jpg (6013 bytes) D200_0627S.jpg (5296 bytes) D200_0653S1.jpg (5853 bytes)
Nikon D200 Preview / Review
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Nikon D200 Digitutor

Note : Pictures 12 to 16 (the bottom 5 pictures)
were shot with Nikkor AF Micro Lens 60 mm. f/2.8 D.

  D200_10.jpg (10484 bytes)
All pictures were reduced in size and therefore
sharpened for showing on the web site.

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