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Koh Panyee (Large Picture)
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View of Khao Tapu (Large Picture)

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(Bangkoksite Digital Photos shot on Dec. 3, 2005)

Koh Panyee and Khao Phingkan Trip
Starting a trip by long-tail boat going out to the
Phang Nga bay. The first stop is Koh Panyee,
a tiny island with houses, restaurants, shops,
school, mosque, and fisherman village in the
water. About one hour stop for lunch and
shopping is recommended. The trip by a small
boat continues in the bay and soon you can see
limestone mountains, a cave where small boats
can go through it, and finally arrive at Khao Phingkan
or it is called James Bond Island* where spectacular
views including Khao Tapu can be seen. The whole
trip can be made within 3 hours.

Latest VDO  (September 2011)

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* From the movie "The Man With The Golden Gun"
  Starring : Roger Moore, Christopher Lee

1. Location for Boat to Koh Panyee
    8 23' 22.75" N,98 27' 36.29" E
2. Koh Panyee
    8 20' 7.56" N, 98 30' 15.92" E

3. James Bond Island (Khao Pingkan)
    8 16' 26.92" N, 98 30' 3.02" E

Copy and paste in Google Earth to find out!
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Map of Phang Nga Bay

Travelling from Phuket to Khaonew123a.gif (1369 bytes) Phingkan - Our latest trip was made
on September 8, 2011 from Patong
Beach in Phuket to Surakul Pier. Then
travelled by long-tail boat to Khao Phingkan
(James Bond Island). Details of the trip
and video will be presented soon.


. Khao Lak Web Page
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Special Article :

A Trip from Phuket to Khao Phingkan by Car and Boat.

On September 8, 2011 we started from
the hotel at Patong beach at about
8.45 a.m. by driving a rented car. From
Patong we drove about 40 kms to
Sarasin Bridge which connects Phuket
with the mainland then follow highway
No. 4 to Krasom and Takua Thung
in Phang Nga province and arrived
at Surakul pier, a total distance is approx.
80 kms. There is a parking place for private cars which is safe and the
parking fee is 20 Baht.

At Surakul pier there are many long-tail boats for tourists. Most of tourists went
there by coach or van. Each boat can
accommodate up to 10  persons.
We got a slightly smaller long-tail boat
for just the three of us.

The journey started from Surakul pier
passing mangrove areas and not
very long we were out in a part of Phang Nga Bay. We passed into the limestone cave and enjoyed spectacular views
and finally arrived at Khao Phingkan
or "James Bond Island".  On the way
back the boat stopped at Koh Panyee
which is Muslim community. Most of the
tourists have lunch at restaurants in
Koh Panyee before going back.


Travel Map Phuket - Phang Nga - Krabi
Koh Panyee, Khao Pingkan, Phi Phi Islands

View Krabi in a larger map

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