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        The Khlong (Canal) Trip
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1) Our Khlong trip starts from the Chao Phraya
River where we enter Klong Dao Khanong
through this water gate.

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2) Typical small bridge across the Khlong.
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3) There are many Wats (Temples) along the

(Bangkoksite Photos : 13/6/1999)

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4) Typical houses and shops on both side of
the Khlong. Concrete power poles are put in
the Khlong.

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5) This area is Taling Chan Floating Market.
People come here to enjoy having lunch on the
floating restaurants. Small boats selling food are
always seen here.

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6) After the Khlong Trip we passed through this
water gate and pumping station (Khlong Chak Phra)
and return to the Chao Phraya River again.

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