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                     Ho Ratchamangkala
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                     Italian Style Garden
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(Bangkoksite Photos taken on March 4, 2001 and
   replaced on December 10, 2001).
Located in the vicinity of Bangkok, this 200-acre park
on Si Nakharin Road commemorates His Majesty King
Rama IX's 60th birthday in 1987. In the large compound
visitors can park and take a long walk in the area which
comprises botanical gardens, and a building displaying
the works and life of King Rama IX.

A lake with clean water is in the middle of the area, also
the landscape is beautifully decorated with many kinds
of flowers. Refleshment booths are provided at many
spots, and a restaurant by the lake offers good foods
and nice breeze when sitting outdoor.
King Rama IX Park Video - Part 1
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King Rama IX Park Video - Part 2.
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Map of King Rama IX Royal Park

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