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Mahachai, the riverside restaurant
and pier. On the other side of the
Mae Klong River is Tha Chalom.
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Fishing boats
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View of a ship from the restaurant
"Krua Chom Ao" on the Tha Chalom side
where good sea foods are available.
Samut Sakhon province was formerly called Muang Tha Chin
probably due to its dealing with a vast number of Chinese in
the old days. It occupies an area of 872 square kilometers,
and located at km 36 from Bangkok along highway No. 35.
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Wat Ketumadee
Sri Wararam,
one of the important
temples in Samut
Sakhon. It is located
on the left of Thon
Buri - Pak Tho
highway at Bang
Torad Sub-district.
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Benjarong City :
Samut Sakhon is
very famous for
Benjarong (5-colors
porcelain). Don
Kai Dee sub-district
is a worthwhile
place to visit the
Benjarong village.
SaltField1.jpg (10057 bytes) Salt farm / salt
production is another
important occupation
of the people in
Samut Sakhon
province. The area
along Thon Buri -
Pak Tho highway
is the largest source
of salt production
in Thailand.

 Map showing Mangrove Forest and Seafood Restaurant.
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