Songkhla1A.jpg (42377 bytes) Songkhla Province

Statistics :
Songkhla is the border province in
Southern Thailand, adjoining the
state of Kedah in Malaysia. It has
an area of 7,393.9 square kilometers
(approximately 1,848,472 acres).
Songkhla has the population of
about 1,159,672.

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Samila Beach
Laem Son Onn
Cat and Rat Island
Khao Seng
Khao Noi
Tinnasulanon Bridge
Songkhla Lake
Hat Yai
Padang Besar

How to get there :
1) By Bus. Songkhla is 950 kms
(590 miles) from Bangkok when
travelling by bus.
2) By Train. Train services linking
Bangkok and Hat Yai include both
rapid and express trains.
3) By Air. Thai Airways International
offers many flights daily between
Bangkok and Hat Yai.