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   Wat Mahathat at Sukhothai Historical Park
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                Sukhothai Historical Park
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                   Wat Traphang-Ngoen

  (Bangkoksite Photos taken on August 19, 2000)

The Sukhothai Historical Park is located on the Sukhothai-
Tak Highway, 12 kms from Sukhothai city. The area includes
ruins of the royal palaces, Buddhist temples, the city gates,
walls, moats, dykes, ditches, ponds, canals, and the water
dyke control system, etc. Restoration and preservation of
this historical park have been undertaken by the Fine Arts
Department with the cooperation of UNESCO.

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Sukhothai was a capital of the first kingdom of Siam in the
13th and 14th Century. A number of notable monuments,
which represent a masterpiece of the first Thai architectural
style, can be seen in Historical Park of Sukhothai, Si -
Satchanalai and Kamphaeng Phet. These three sites are
representative of the first period of Thai Art and the
creation of the first Thai state.

The World Heritage Committee inscribed Sukhothai and
Associated Cities on the World Heritage List in 1991.

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