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        Sukhothai Province
       The Gold Textiles Museum
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    Gold Textile Museum at Ban Haad Siew
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                Hand-made Gold Textile
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             Haad Siew Famous Textile

  (Bangkoksite Photos taken on August 19, 2000)

The Gold Textiles Museum at Baan Haad Siew tells the
complete story of the beautifull and famous textiles made by
the local Thai Puan people (people immigrated from Thai Puan
District in Laos into Thailand hundreds of years ago). Also,
showing the changes in trends and patterns, and the
development of this beautiful art over time.

Thai Puan textiles, such as the famous "Jokgowlai" Baan Haad
Siew textiles, have been used at events as important as
weddings and monk's ordination ceremonies for centuries.

Textiles such as these, and also Gold Phaasin (a long sarong for
women) formally known as a Sinmaikam, have been around for
centuries, but examples of new textiles are also shown. These
are produced at the museum compound, and are still in demand.

                     TextileMuseum4.jpg (23900 bytes)
                   Old Style Textile in the Museum

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