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               Wat Arun
                    Temple of the Dawn    

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              View of Wat Arun from the River*
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  (Bangkoksite Digital Photos taken lately on
   September 29, 2001 and Nov.24, 2001)

Wat Arun is mostly known as a landmark of Bangkok.
It is classified as a principal class Royal temple. It is
an old temple, built in the days of Thailand's ancient
capital of Ayutthaya and originally known as "Wat Makok".
Later on when Thonburi was the capital, King Thaksin
changed the name to "Wat Chaeng". Ina later reign,
King Rama II restored the temple and bestowed the new
name as "Wat Arunratchatharam". KIng Rama IV later
made additional restorations and once more changed
the temple's name to the present one as "Wat
Arunratchawararam". Most people call it "Wat Arun".

Video Clip 1 : HQ 8,591 kB  The Ferry
Video Clip 2 : HQ 29,362 | SQ 12,884 kB   Wat Arun
Video Clip 3 : HQ 39,247 | SQ 20,403 kB   Wat Arun

 The Main Prang

The most attractive structure of
Wat Arun is the center 79-meter
high pagoda or Phra Prang
decorated with mosaic of multi-
colors Chinese porcelain. The
outer four corners are Prangs
which hold statues of Phra Phai
(god of the wind).

The most beautiful view of Wat
Arun is at sunset if viewed from
the Bangkok side of the river.

Buildings in the compound of
Wat Arun where some of them
are used as small museum and

at Arun or the Temple of
Dawn is located on the west
bank of the Chao Phraya River.
It can be reached by Arun
Amarin road on Thonburi side
or by taking a ferry from Tha
Tian pier, just behind the Grand
Palace. The fare for ferry
crossing is 3.50 baht.

  13 44' 37.33" N,100 29' 20.15" E

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Principle Prang
Satellite Prangs
Porches (Mondop)
The Chapel (Phra Viharn)
The Buddha's Footprint niche
The 4 Satellite Chedi (Pagodas)
The Peripheral Balcony
(Phra Viharn Kot)
Ordination Hall
Entrance Way With Spire Roof
Demons (Sahasdeja, Tasakantha)
Riverside Pavillions (Sala)
Borse Noi and Viharn Noi

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Map of Wat Arun
3D Map 

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