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Bangkoksite.com, a Privately Owned web site, was registered on 
December 3,1998. We started uploading into the internet on Dec.15th
of the same year and have been progressing very rapidly.

After several months we developed a lot of web pages, consisting of
information and many  fresh "up-to-date" photos and information about
places to visit and interesting tourist attractions in Bangkok and other
provinces in Thailand. Also, three database systems are developed
for Restaurants, Hotels, and Calendar of Events. (However, the Calendar
of Events was discontinued from January 1st. 2001).

The design of this web site was based on the following concepts :
1) Easy access for useful information.
2) Nice looking and incorporating up-to-date photos.
3) Facilitate tourists, visitors, and business persons about travelling,
    communication, accommodation, sight-seeing, and other services.
4) Expandable for Services and E-Commerce in the future.

We believe in "
the World of Internet" and the internet will become a part
of our
lifestyle. Our Bangkoksite.com team attempts to the continuous
improvement of this web site for the benefits of Thailand Travelling
Programs and to help provide large amount of information for tourists.


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