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Bangkoksite.com has been in service since the end of 1998 and we are more than 3 years old.
There are a lot of pictures and information for tourism in this almost non-commercial web site.
We have changed to digital photography, started form August 2001, and thus more pictures
are being added very quickly. All the benefits are for our visitors who can enjoy viewing amazing
beautiful pictures of Bangkok and Thailand. We hope to help promote tourism in Thailand.


November 9 Two new web pages are added, one for Pattaya Water Park, and the other for
Khao Kheow Open Zoo. Also, 2 more pictures are added to Digital Picture Gallery 6.


November 2 Two more web pages for Bangsai Arts and Crafts Centre are added. Also 2 pictures
are in Digital Picture Gallery 6. ( Click here and here ).


October 19

New pictures are added and mostly replaced the old ones in the web pages
of the Rose Garden, Phra Patone, and Sanam Chan Palace.


October 5 & 13, 2002 Additional web page was added for Nakhon Pathom Page 3.   Also, another trip
was made back to Nakhon Pathom again to take better pictures when the sky
is bright. Seven new pictures are added in Gallery 6.
For closed up photo takings, a new article ia added. CLICK HERE.


Sept. 28, 2002 We have added 8 more travel pictures in Digital Picture Gallery 5 and Gallery 6.
Re-visited to Wat Arun was made and this time we used wider angle lens and
captured new pictures which will replace some of the older ones.


Sept. 21, 2002 A short trip to Ayutthaya was made. Three new pictures are added to the
Digital Picture Gallery 5 : Ayutthaya 1Ayutthaya 2, Ayutthaya 3.
(For Thai viewers we have added some tips on photo taking at the bottom of picture).


Sept. 14, 2002 Additional web pages are added to Wat Arun : Wat Arun Page 3, Wat Arun 3D Map.


Sept. 8, 2002 After another tour to Bangkok Noi Boat Demonstration and Wat Arun, etc.
we have added 7 beautiful pictures in Digital Picture Gallery 5. Most of them
are the Chao Phraya River scenery. More information and new pictures will
also be added soon.


August 31, 2002 Two new web pages are added for Dusit Zoo with 15 new pictures. Also, 4 new
pictures are included in Digital Picture Gallery 5.


August 26, 2002 Additional web pages are added as follows :  Lumpini Park 3 , and Wolrd Trade Page 2.


August 24, 2002 Many new pictures were added to the Digital Picture Galllery 4. The latest 5
pictures were shot with our new Nikon D100 digital camera, for example click here.


July 21, 2002 Web page for Rayong Province is added.


July 17, 2002 Web page for Songkhla and Hat Yai is added.


July 7, 2002 Another web page for Pattaya is added.


July 1, 2002 A visit to Songkhla Province in Southern Thailand was made. We are preparing
new web pages. Another picture of the Golden Mermaid is added in Digital Picture
Gallery 4.


June 22, 2002 A revisit to Kanchanaburi was made. New web page on Bo Ploy Sapphire Mine
is added.


June 16, 2002 New pictures are added to the Digital Picture Gallery 4. Latest  picture Click Here!


June 8, 2002 Information added to Pattaya web pages are : The Million Years Stone Park
and Pattaya Crocodile Farm, and Pattaya Park Page 2.


February 23, 2002 New web pages on Wat Phailom, Wat Singh, and Ancient Kiln
(Pathum Thani Province) are added.


February 16, 2002 A re-visit to Ayutthaya is made. We have taken new pictures with the
Wide End Conversion Lens. More beautiful pictures are being replaced
the older ones. Click here to see new picture in Digital Picture Gallery 4
Wat Yai Chaimongkol, Wat Chai Watthanaram , etc.


February 10, 2002 A re-visit to the Ancient City is made today and new web page is constructed
with ten newest pictures.


February 7, 2002 Today Bangkoksite.com has just reached 1 million hits!  This took us 3 years
after the start.


January 20, 2002 New web pages on Suphanburi Province is added.


January 14, 2002 An amazing picture of Wat Mahathat, Phetchaburi Province is added.


January 13, 2002 Another re-visit to Koh Kret, a tiny island near Bangkok, is made. We have
new picture in the Digital Pictures Gallery 4 and revised some web pages.
See miscellaneous pictures here.


January 12, 2002 Another wallpaper of Wat Bencha is added.
  January 6, 2002 New web page for Bang Pa-In Palace is added.
For those who are interested in digital photography we have included an
article on "
Using of Wide End Conversion Lens for Travel Pictures" .
  January 2-3, 2002 New web pages for Wat Suthat pictures gallery are added, and also
two new web pages with more informations on Wat Suthat 2 , and Wat Suthat 3.
  January 1, 2002 Four new pictures are added in the Digital Pictures Gallery 4.
Also, we have added another temple pictures gallery for Wat Ratchabophit.

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