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The Pasak Jolasid Dam

Control Building for River Outlet

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(Bangkoksite Photos taken on December 25, 1999
and Updated on October 1, 2006)

About the Dam :
The Pasak Jolasid Dam is located at Ban Kaeng Sua Ten
Tambon Nongbua, Patthananikom District in Lopburi Province.
This is an earth-filled dam with impevious core and the dam has
a length of 4,860 meters with the height of 36.5 meters.
The storage capacity is 785 million cubic metere of water at
normal water level, and the maximum capacity is 960 million
cubic meters.

At the tailwater side
of the Dam. Over
looking at the spillway
in the far distance.

Landscape by the
rim of the Pasak
reservoir. It is a
view point.

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Attractions :  Recreation area, picnic, visiting sunflower field,
visit Lopburi and many interesting places nearby.


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