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    LumpiniPark106A.JPG (13716 bytes)
                   Scenery at Lumpini Park
    LumpiniPark103A.JPG (24339 bytes)
               Small lake in the Lumpini Park
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LumpiniPark107.JPG (9966 bytes)
New pavillion for resting
and for public activities.
LumpiniPark110.JPG (10967 bytes)
           Lumpini Hall

    (Bangkoksite Digital Photos taken on August 24, 2002).

Upon a re-visit  to Lumpini Park more pictures were
shot and added in this web page.

        LumpiniPark101.JPG (37817 bytes)
                     Click for large picture (126 kb)

        LumpiniPark105.JPG (29181 bytes)
                                Play area for children
LumpiniPark104.JPG (15507 bytes)
          Flower nearby
LumpiniPark109.JPG (18012 bytes)
Another view of Chinese Pavillion

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