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Rayong province is in the east and the
city is approximately 220 kms (140 miles)
from Bangkok. The province is famous
for its fine beach, tasty food, etc. Travelling
by car will be quite convenient.
From Bangkok visitors can visit Pattaya
and then Rayong. Several seaside
resorts are beautiful and there are a lot of
hotels and bungalos at reasonable prices.

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   From Rayong about 22 kms tourists mostly go to         
    Ban Phe, a busy fishing port and the center of
    local marine produce. This is a stopping off point
    for tourists en route to the island of Ko Samet.
    There are few good sea food restaurants at Ban
    Phe.  Travelling  further to the east from Ban Phe
    on the beach road for about 5 kms will reach
    Suan Son Pine Park.   this is a popular picnic
    place with shady areas, white clean sand and a
    number of sea-food cateries.  

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For beaufitul scenery tourists can choose to
stay at hotel on the small hill or near the beach. Travelling around here is very relaxing because the traffic is light and roads are very smooth. 

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        Sunthon Phu Memorial Park
        Ban Khram, located on the coast road between
        Ban Phe and Klaeng district, is the birthplace
        of Sunthon Phu (1786-1855),Thailand's greatest


Novotel Hotel
Hin Suai Nam Sai
Rayong Resort
Rayong Chalet
Suan Wung Kaew
Amornphan Villa
Silver Beach
Rungnapha Lodge

and many more