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              The Statue of
        Sunthorn Phu           

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          Sunthorn Phu, the great poet

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                   Phra Aphaimanee
                                  SoonthonPhu4275.JPG (30494 bytes)  Souvenir shop in the compound of the statue.

  (Bangkoksite Digital Photos taken on July 7, 2002)

Sunthorn Phu, the great poet of the Ratanakosin Era,
is well known by Thais and students learn his great
poetry which were written in verses. The statue of
Sunthorn Phu is located in the village of Ban Kram,
the birthplace of his father, in Klaeng District.

Sunthorn Phu showed his poetic talent in his youth.
He was appointed the royal clerk and received the
title of Khun Sunthorn Wohan in the reign of King Rama II.

Later in the reign of King Rama IV  he was given the
title of Phra Suntorn Woharn and served the court
until he died in the year 1855 at the age of seventy.

Sunthorn Phu was declared world poet by UNESCO
in 1986 when Thailand celebrated his bicentennial.

Sunthorn Phu (1786-1855) composed his famous
epic poem
Phra Aphaimanee on nearby Samet Island.

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            The Statue of Sunthorn Phu

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