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                A Tour to Ayutthaya    

Ayutthaya Province, the ancient old capital of Thailand, is
only about 71 kilometers from Bangkok. There are many conducted tours which can be either half a day or full
day trip.

For half-day trip it is more efficient to go by car. It takes
about 1 hour from Bangkok, and if you would like to follow Bangkoksite trip we can start now.

Reclining1.GIF (8956 bytes) When we approach Ayutthaya city
there is a junction with Chedi in the
middle, called Wat Sam Pleum. We
turn left and shortly arrive at
Wat Yai
Chai Mongkol.Just click at the picture.

BuddhaImage1L.GIF (10708 bytes)

The next visit is
Wat Panan Choeng.
The attraction is a very large Buddha
image "Luang Po To". This temple is
located on the riverside.
Village1L.GIF (7868 bytes) For Japanese, it is interesting to visit
this Memorial Park once in the old time
used to be a
village for Japanese
settlement. There are some souvenir shops, and nice view of the river.
Maheyong1.GIF (6605 bytes) When returning to Wat Sam Pleum
circle and continue straight ahead soon
we will arrive at
Wat Maheyong. This
temple is interesting and ruins are seen
all over the place. It is under restoration.
PomPetch1.GIF (5028 bytes) After crossing the railroad and the river
we are coming to Ayutthaya Island. By
turning left and follow U-Thong road, we
arrive at
Phet Fortress. Here you can
see nice view of rivers joining together.

SriSuriyothaiS.gif (6743 bytes)

Phra Chedi Sisuriyothai is the memorial to Sondet Phra Srisuriyothai,
the Thai heroine in the Atytthaya period. She was the queen of Somdet
Phra Mahajakrapat, the king of Ayutthaya.

WatNaPhrameru1A.GIF (5999 bytes)

Wat Na Phrameru. This wat is located
across the river from the old palace.

Naresuan1.GIF (5342 bytes)

Monument of King Naresuan the Great.
It is newly constructed and completed
by the end of 1999. Nearby is Wat Phu
Khao Thong or the Golden Mount.

Phaniat1.GIF (5721 bytes)

Elephant Kraal. This is the only elephant
kraal left in Thailand.

SriSanphet1M.GIF (5684 bytes)

Wat Phra Si Sanphet, the royal palace
was located here from the establishment

of Ayutthaya in the reign of King Rama-
thibodi 1(1350 A.D.). Later on a Wat was
built in 1448 A.D. as a monastic area.

Thammikarat1.GIF (5705 bytes)

Wat Thammikarat is located in front of
the royal palace of Ayutthaya, and built
before Ayutthaya period.

WatRatchburana1.GIF (6180 bytes)

This Wat Ratchaburana was built at the
site of the cremation and at the place
where brothers of Chao Sam Phraya
fought and died.

BuddhaHead1L.GIF (8230 bytes)

The construction of Wat Mahathat
was begun during the reign of King
Borommarachathirat 1 in 1374 A.D.
In 1767 A.D. when Ayutthaya was
sacked the Wat was burnt.

River1.GIF (5356 bytes)

Ayutthaya city is surrounded by 3
rivers. Chao Phraya, Pasak and
Lopburi River. The river tour around
the city is another attraction.

BangPaIn1.GIF (3802 bytes) Bang Pa-In Summer Palace

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