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The Buddha Image.

(Bangkoksite Photos taken on November 27, 1999
and updated on Augustc 2004, and Jan.15, 2005)

Wat Na Phrameru Rachikaram 
(วัดหน้าพระเมรุ ราชิการาม)
Oung-In in the reign of King Ramathibodi II, the tenth king of Ayutthaya,
ordered the construction of this temple in 1499 A.D.

The temple was the place where the king of Thailand and the king of
Burma agreed on the peace issue and as a witness they had brought
the Buddha image, the holy book and monks there.

After that in 1760 A.D. the king of Burma had invaded Thailand and
used this temple to place canons and fired them into the Royal
Palace area. One of this shells hit a part of royal palace named
Suriya Ammarin and destroyed it. During that war King Along Phya
fired a canons by himself and one of the canons bursted out and
he was seriously injured. He had to withdraw the troops and intended
to go back to Burma, but he died at Tak border.

Thus Wat Na Phrameru Rachikaram was the only temple not destroyed
during the war with the Burmese.

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The Buddha image at
Wat Na Phrameru as shot
lately on January 15, 2005.

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