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               Wat Suwandararam
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Wat Suwandararam - the Chapel
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(Bangkoksite Photos taken on June 24, 2001
and August 13, 2001)

Wat Suwandararam was built in the end of Ayutthaya
Period, during 2275 - 2301 B.E., formerly named
Wat Thong. It was destroyed during the war and left
unattended until in 2328 B.E. when it was restored
and rebuilt and named Wat Suwandararam
Ratchaworaviharn until now.

The mural paintings inside the chapel (Ubosot) and
inside the Vihara are famous and they describe the
story of the Lord Buddha and King Naresuan the Great
and part of  Ayutthaya history.

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      One of the mural paintings showing the
        fighting on elephants in the Thai history.

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