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    China Town Area - Yaowarat Road                                            

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Map of China Town Area and Other Places
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Chinese Temple
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Busy alley along Yawarat Road.
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Hotel Grand China Princess.The most popular
hotel for business and tourists on the west end
of Yawarat Road.

Location Map
GPS :  13.7402796,100.5097677

Chinatown of Bangkok was former meant the area called "Sampeng", started when the Chinese merchants moved in 1780s after vacating the land where the Grand Palace
now stands.

In 1863, King Mongkut commanded the construction of New Road (or 
Charoen Krung Road) which runs over six kilometers from the Royal Palace till it drops straight into the Chao Phraya River, just south of Krung Thep Bridge now.The Chinatown expanded along Charoen Krung, Krung
Kasem and the third road, the Yaowarat Road which was built between Charoen Krung and Sampeng.

The China Town starts from the symbolic China Gate and follows mainly Yaowarat Road. A lot of gold shops,
Chinese foods, eating places, restaurants, souvenirs, etc. are available along the long road and in several
allays. It is almost unbelievable, unless you see them by yourself.

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The  gate to China Town.

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Yawarat At Night (Click for Large Picture)

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One of the most well - known gold shop

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Chinese-style dresses for sale on the side walk

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