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Siam Niramit
Ratchada Theatre

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19 Tiamruammit Road, Huaykwang, opposite the Thailand Cultural Centre, Bangkok 10320, Thailand

Located 800 m. from Thailand Cultural Centre Station, MRT.
Free Shuttle Bus at Exit 1.
Tel: +66 (0) 2649-9222 Fax: +66 (0) 2649-9275

Email: reservation@siamniramit.com,

Siam Niramit – Thailand’s ‘must-see’ show

Take ‘A Journey to the Enchanted Kingdom of Siam’. Featuring a gigantic stage (in ‘Guinness World Records’!). Over 150 performers, 500 lavish costumes, spectacular scenery, and amazing special effects using the world’s most advanced technology. Great entertainment for all
the family. The show has attracted fantastic reviews from around the world.

In addition, stroll through a traditional Thai village located in the grounds and savour the authentic atmosphere of
Thai life in bygone times – you won’t believe you’re right in the centre of Bangkok! 


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