Ao Nang - Poda Island, Thap Island, Kai Island
and Miracle Beach Link (Thalay Waek)

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 Railay Beach.
Railay Beach

Private beach at Central Hotel.

Lotus Court restaurant at
Central Hotel.




     Krabi Province is located at approximately 814 kms (506 miles)
from Bangkok. It is one of the most attractive destination in southern Thailand.


Tourists walk through the divided sea
(during low tide) to another small island.

The amazing view of tourists walking in the divided sea
(Talay Waek).

The beach at Ko Poda.

Ko Poda in the far distance.

Shopping street by Ao Nang Beach

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GPS : 8.083468, 98.914547

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Attractions :

Hat Noppharat Thara
Situated 17 km from the provincial town of
Krabi, Hat Noppharat Thara (Noppharat
Thara Beach) is a 3-km long sandy beach
lined with dense casuarinas. The beach,
paved with tiny seashells.The area is a long beach and stretches all the way to the island
of Ko Khao Pak Khlong.

Ao Nang

Ao Nang Beach, is Krabi's most developed beach. Fringed by palms, the long beach is backed by a wide range of accommodation including resorts, bungalows and guest -

Offshore Islands
There are more than 83 offshore islands,
which some of them are shaped like a boot, junk, or parrot’s head. Ko Poda, Ko Mo and
Ko Thap are popular destinations among tourists for their beaches and coral reefs.
They are popular islands for diving and snorkelling.

Railay Beach

Hat Railay is surrounded from both sides
by breathtaking towering limestone cliffs,
thus making the area isolated from the
mainland – only accessible by boat.
Railay West has a world class white sand beach and is the longest of the beaches
in this area. Railey East is popular ‘hippy’
hang-out and offers cheaper accommodation than the West side.

Thale Waek
During the lowest tide of the day, the sea
is gradually separated by the white sand
and limestone beach that will appear to
connect two islands.

Phi Phi Islands

Located 42 kilometres from the provincial
town of Krabi, Mu Ko Phi Phi (Phi Phi Islands)
are an archipelago, formerly called Pulao
Piah Pi. The surrounding sea is home to a variety of underwater anemones, coral reefs, and colourful marine life. The area is also a popular destination for snorkelling.