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               Mae Hong Son            


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                 Wat Chong Khum
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              Mae Surin Water Falls*
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                     Boating Trip*


How to Get There :
Mae Hong Son is a province in the northern part of Thailand

and can be reached from Chiang Mai either by Highway No.108
via Mae Sariang, for the distance of 349 kilometers, or by Highway
No.1095  via Pai, a distance of 274 kilometers. Travelling will take
time due to winding road through several mountains.

The easiest way is to go by airplane from Chiang Mai which takes

about 30 minutes.
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Mae Hong Son Airport (4)
Valley & Scenery (5)
Wat Chong Khum and (7)
Wat Chong Klang

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mou
and Souvenir Shops/OTOP Products

Wat Kam Ko

Long Neck Karen (5)
Long Neck Karen Village 2 (7)
Pang Tong Royal Residence (6)
Pang Ung
Pabong Hot Water Well
Solar Energy Station
Folk Arts & Handicrafts Centre
Restaurant by the Rice Field
Baan Rak Thai Village
Fern Resort
Hill Tribes-Style

Hotels in Mae Hong Son
Map of Mae Hong Son
Map of Mae Hong Son

Map of Thailand

Mae Hong Son

           Valley View
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        Long Neck Karen    
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              Pang Tong
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  Pa Bong Hot Water Well

       Hotel near the City
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 Location Map
GPS : 19.29909, 97.96565