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                      Phim  ai Historic Park Information Office
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             The Naga Platform - the entrance guarded
                 by lions that stand at the foot of the stair
                way to prevent evil forces from entering.

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Location Map
GPS ;  15.2205835,102.4918145

Phimai Sanctuary
The ancient city of Phimai was rectangular in shape and
measured 565 x 1,030 metres. It is surrounded by a moat
on all sides. The religious sanctuary is situated in the center
of a modern community. It is the largest stone sanctuary in
Thailand and the present structures and buildings were
constructed during the 11th - 12th centuries A.D. Some
structures were added during the 13th century A.D.

When we pass through the entrance on the right there is a
big map of Phimai city and the sanctuary, and the building
where visitors can get information, books, postcards, and

The Phimai sanctuary is surrounded by a double wall, the
outermost being called "Kamphaeng Kaew", and the inner
wall called "Rabieng Khot". A rectangular building, known as
"Phlab Phla" (robing pavillion) lies beyond the outer wall.
To the front is a "naga" (mythical snake) platform where the
journey into the sacred sanctuary commences. According
to ancient beliefs, the naga platform links the human to the
heavenly realm.

Crossing the naga platform there are four arched gateways
known as "gopuras" set in the centre of each of the four
boundary walls which lead into the heavenly realm where
the celestial beings reside. The boundary wall and the
gallery are linked by a 1-metre high raised passage way.

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Map of Phimai Sanctuary

Map of Phimai City