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Climb up to the viewpoint.

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The "Green Lagoon" saltwater
lake inside the island.

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A beautiful view from the view point.
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Bangkoksite Photos taken on August 14, 1999.
Angthong Marine National Park

The Angthong Archipelago is a natural
sanctuary which consists of more than
40 smaller islands. It lies in the north-
west of Koh Samui and can be reached
by organized tour.

Day Trip to Angthong
Marine National Park

Organized day trip starts around 9.30
a.m. from Koh Samui and the speed
boat arrives at
Koh  Wua Talap, the
biggest of the 42 islands in this
archipelago. There you can climb up
to the viewpoint to enjoy the breath-
taking view all over the Marine Park.
Afterwards a trip is made for the cape

Bua where you can relax on the beach
in this unspoiled, natural surrounding.
Later on proceed to the famous
Green Lagoon", a magnificent salt-
water lake inside another island. Then
it is time for lunch and more time to
relax and snorkel. Around 2.30 p.m.
the tour will take us for a drive around
the Park to see the stunning washed
out rock formations and bizarre
vegetation. After that the speed boat
will take us back and arrive at Koh
Samui at about 4.00 p.m.

Note : The speed boat takes about 12
passengers and the travelling time is
about 1 hour.

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