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          Khai Bang Rachan
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BangRachan1A.JPG (29923 bytes)                        Khai Bang Rachan
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                     The Sacred Pond

  (Bangkoksite Photos taken on June 20, 2000)

Khai Bang Rachan Monument of Heroes
and the Park.
t Khai Bang Rachan there are interesting places for
Thai people and students as they used to learn about
the history of villagers of Bang Rachan who fought against
the Burmese during the reign of King Ekkathat in 1765.
Despite of having much more troops than the villagers,
the Burmese troops had to make eight attacks against
the village before it was defeated due to its shortage of
weapons. Such heroic performance had been appraised
among the Thai.

                   Monument2A.JPG (21988 bytes)
        The Monument of Khai Bang Rachan Heroes

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