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Suan Pakkad Palace

Location Map
GPS : 13.7566453,100.5361255

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Suan Pakkad Palace is located at 352 Sri Ayutthaya
Road, not far from the intersection of Phaya Thai Road.
It used to be the residence of Princess Chumbhot of
Nagara Svarga, one of Thailand's leading gardeners
and art collector.
In the compound of Suan Pakkad Palace, there are five
traditional Thai houses. Collections include : Asian art
and antiques, seashells, mineral crystals, and pottery
and bronz objects from the pre-historic birial ground at
Ban Chiang, in the northeast of Thailand.
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Suan Pakkad Palace - Amazing Thailand
Thailand Museum Expo


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Traditional Thai Houses
Beautiful Gardens & Landscape
Superb Art Collection

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